Doctor Using Digital Tablet

IT company specialised in the healthcare industry.

Our core sectors of expertise and the focus of our research are electronic medical records (EMR), radiology information systems (RIS), office management solutions, telemedicine applications, wearable technology and machine learning.


We also provide consulting services.

Specifically, we support and empower healthcare, life sciences and medical technology academics, companies and organizations get grants and subsidies to fund their research and development processes.

Our Solutions, R&D and Services

Medical technology is next to patients in each step of the pathway, from prevention to care.


Commercial Medical Software

available in the Greek Market through a strategic partnership with InfoCape which includes co-development and customized solutions according to clients needs.

Research & Development

in order to constantly improve and upgrade our solutions (mainly within single beneficiary R&D projects) and to introduce new ones.
We also participate and invest in collaborative, high-gain, research projects.

Subsidies & Funding

allow researchers and innovative companies to fund their R&D activities in order to push the development of tomorrow’s medical technologies, healthcare and life sciences jobs and citizens well-being.


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